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Action Items

  1. Write to the Maricopa County Air Quality Department, and provide reasons why they should not approve
      any permit from Custom Landscape Materials. Or call them at 602-506-6010

      There are several studies noted in the March 9 update on the website that show how devestating aggregate
      mining can be and especially around air quality. Feel free to quote these and/or do your own research as well.

      The Landscape Company has submitted for an air quality permit!
      This was the last piece needed before they can start the project!

      We must stop them from getting an air quality permit!!!!!

  2. Write to the Schippers (owner of landscape company).
      Tell them that their plan is NOT beneficial to the community at all!
      Perhaps if they realize we are not giving up and will fight until the end, they will withdraw.

  3. Write or call everyone on the Contacts List.
a. Legislators - Focus on the law - ARS 11-812
b. TV stations trying to get them to do a story. They have been contacted but none have stepped up yet.