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After communicating with the EPA (Arizona lawmakers and officials have been less than helpful
in stopping this action) we have been advised the way to attack this mining debacle is by writing our
Federal Representatives, i.e.Senator Kyrsten Sinema, Senator Martha McSally and Representative
Andy Biggs demanding that they involve the EPA in this situation.

E-mail contact information for each of them is on the SaveTwinKnolls.com website at the Contacts link.

Here are some sample letters.         Sample #1      Sample #2      Sample #3      Sample #4      Espaņol   

We are constituents and voters, and we are entitled to clean air.
We are also entitled to not be burdened with 9 hours a day of noise, explosions and increased pollution from
heavy machinery and trucks, loss of home value and loss of quality of life. We should not have to be
concerned about our health, which could easily be damaged by valley fever, covid-19, and silica.
(The mountain contains huge amounts of silica. MSHA, the governing agency for mining, does not even have
rules for safety for mine employees, so how can we expect to be safe???)
All of these can be deadly and with our homes so near to the mountain, we are in no way confident that
Custom Landscape Materials can contain the particulates required to retain our safety.

Our Maricopa Air Quality people seem to be bound by laws that are illogical in our very unique situation,
i.e. taking down a mountain in the middle of a heavily populated neighborhood. These laws do not properly
address air quality in our situation and no such mining has previously occurred in Maricopa County in the
middle of an established neighborhood.

We MUST elevate this to our Congressional Representatives asking, no, respectfully demanding, that they
engage the EPA to investigate the situation. We have been fighting this ridiculous project for more than
six months with state officials to no avail, so it is time to elevate!
Here are four sample letters you can use for ideas, write your own or even pull from this email but be sure
to focus on the fact we are constituents and that we are concerned about the hazards of this project and that
Arizona is not listening. Don't wait for your neighbor to do something....it may be too late then!!!!

We would like to track how many have written, so if you could send us a quick note via our email link
on the website, that would be awesome!!!! Thanks!